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Take any (or all) of the learning materials you want. You can download our booklet, which contains basic steps for creating your own branding, including visuals, marketing, and social ideas.
If you've ever wondered how to be more conscious when choosing materials for your products, our learning cards will undoubtedly inspire you.

Branding guide – booklet

For beginners and small businesses.

It is primarily aimed at those who recognize the value of brand promotion and visual support but lack the resources to hire a specialist, so they take on this interesting and exciting, but often difficult and complex task.

Learning Cards

If you simply want to learn about new materials or their impact on the environment, the learning cards will be useful.
You will not only find benefits and drawbacks for each material, but you will also be able to compare their sustainability index and main characteristics.


Download in English 

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The instructional videos for the work are appropriate for students who have a basic understanding of bespoke tailoring.

For the learning objectives, the following order of difficulty is recommended:

1) Patch pocket 2) Sleeve slit 3) Slanted wing pocket
4) Covered slot 5) Piping buttonhole 6) Piping pocket

English playlist

German playlist

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Hungarian playlist

tailor••made - video tutorial transcript
Video transcript

If you prefer reading the book to watching the movie, or if you simply prefer a detailed explanation? In English, German, Italian, and Hungarian, you can download the six video transcripts.

Competence matrix

21st century skills of fashion designers and custom tailors

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Meet other custom tailors, fashion designers, and experts who will share their perspectives on the fashion industry's challenges and recent changes. If you have an exciting story, please share it with us and present it to others in the profession.

The future of tailoring craft I.

Current trends in sustainability, energy turnaround, and fast fashion present many new challenges to the tailoring craft.
An interview with Kerstin Specht, a graduate engineer for clothing technology.

The future of tailoring craft II.

Ms Angela Ziemer of the Federal Association and Andreas Trommler, a Leipzig-based fashion designer, discuss which skills will keep the tailoring craft relevant in the future and how this must be implemented in both training and professional practice.

Crochet stuff - HOCC

I played around with different materials to see what I liked and what I could crochet into shapes that came to mind. I was thrilled to find recycled yarn; it makes me happy to know that I'm not polluting the environment with yet another material.
Emoke Abraham shares her experience.

T-shirt for the Metaverse

Mattia is a student on the Master's course in Visual Design at the University of Verona with a passion for fashion who has launched a line of products consisting of T-shirts to which a QR-Code is associated that allows the purchaser access to a virtual world.

"It is a job of Art & Craftsmanship"

The work carried out in Girardi Paola's tailor's shop ranges from conception to design, from research into materials to model making, from cutting to finishing, each garment is a prototype. She had the opportunity to present his creations in Italy and abroad.

tailor••made - video tutorial transcript

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