tailor••made - video tutorial transcript

Project number: 2021-DE02-KA210-VET-000034595
"Tailor-made. Contemporary. Innovative
– the professional training of fashion designers and bespoke tailors"

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Recent global events have prompted us to reconsider our educational systems. Homeschooling is becoming more popular, especially in the craft industry, where seeing each step of a workflow is critical to understanding the entire process. This is where our tailor••made project can truly assist young students.

Leipzig, Germany

Our mission is to identify opportunities, promote competencies, and define a path for personal and professional development. We accomplish this through our vocational education and training programs, as well as national and international cooperation in vocational education and training.
We seek synergies and cooperative working methods with other educational leaders. We believe that collaboration at all levels of management creates opportunities to provide our customers with the assistance they require.

Vicenza, Italy

Eurocultura since 1993 is a research, training and career counselling organization based in Vicenza, Italy. Our key competences are mainly related to labour market and training issues. Our projects and activities are aimed to improve the employability of people through training and valuable work experiences abroad, the promotion of entrepreneurship, the promotion of international mobility of students and workers, the prevention and fight against racism and prejudices, the growth in use of new technologies in learning activities.

Start Design
Budapest, Hungary

With 30 years of experience, Start Design offers company-specific services in branding and graphic design. As a creative agency, we focus on planning & emphasizing the business values of our Clients. We have participated in the development of digital platforms, some of which are focused on education. We believe in international collaboration and information exchange, and we are looking for opportunities to integrate the expertise of various cooperative Partners for the benefit of the Consumers.